Friday, June 09, 2006

My Son's B'day...

June 7th was my son's B'day and we had a nice time with him. He had gone to the school in the Morning and Evening was the celebration with a small cake cutting at home with one of our close family friends who are staying in Mumbai. After that dinner at Hotel. He was very much excited to be with lots of kids in the same society who wished him and he was literally feeling shy... I dont know for what reason ? Probably he is more thrilled on many of them wishing him, that too !

Iam also glad that Puneet has sent me his wedding invitation and unfortunately i was too late to see that message.


Friday, May 12, 2006

Iam back !

Hi Friends,

I am back to my blog and got settled with my house hold things and the place.

Today is the first day i cooked South indian dishes and was content after eating those. Otherwise, daily Roti, Paratha, Rice, Dal (so called sambhar), Sweets......etc.,etc., makes my tongue longing for S.Indian dishes and iam content today after preparing on my own.

Rest in next post and though iam back I will be visiting my blog rarely.

Thanks for all those beautiful comments from beautiful souls !

Friday, April 28, 2006

Just 2 more days !

Yes, just 2 more days left behind to run with my busy schedules ! Though might be feeling relieved, the sense of losing something will be there for ever ! Yes, i will be left with no salary from next month and now left with the sense of feeling that i am gonna loose one of my eyes. Though my hubby takes care of each and every need of myne, i still have a strong feeling that i should earn on my own ! Whenever i feel like buying something, i should not depend on anybody and I have never been expecting anything from my parents too after my studies, because i got a job immediately after my graduation and was with full freedom to spend or buy whatever i want ! Yeah...from next month onwards iam totally depended on my hubby to even buy a fruit or chocolate or whatever i want !

Just 2 days left, to scroll through the market road of Saidapet and the Vannandurai stretch in Besant Nagar which stinks very badly. God!! when will you show the mercy towards the fellow members of our soceity!! I have had very bad experiences passing through this stretch and pray to the almighty to take away my sense of smell rather than suffer, you know the disgusting smell of dried fish every time u breathe is a sheer torture.

Just 2 days left, to smile at my dear ones , to give them a warm wish, to wave at my friends, to talk to my dear ones and especially the close friends I travel with every day spending our precious time on giggling and chatting and there are times that we dont even realise that we had to get down at the station....we are ahead ! We in turn thanked those friends who have reminded us that we are nearing Sanatorium station! Many a times it was like we got down in a hurry burry and that makes me amazing on what topic we were on ! I should thank the train journey (and ofcourse the share auto & bus ride too !) and was fortunate enough to have many friends though they are not very much close to me !

It is the right time for me to say that the travelling has given me a good exposure and earn lots of friends and that has even fetched me a very good business (Tupperware) too ! Sometimes, it happens that I dont go behind customers and customers are behind me for the products ! Though one of my so called friend who use to travel with me in train had ditched me by not paying the money for a product she's purchased (its a different deal that i am not gonna leave her without taking the money), no regrets that I have got good busines through my friends ! Its 3 months since she's dodging me and my friends literally yell at me for not being so strict with the lady. Ya...i should agree at this point, I cant show my long face to my friends (not even to the so called friends) and if at all that happens, the grudge wont stay back longer ! Though I know they've ditched me, still if they attempt to talk, i will react the same way I was ! I dunno whether it is an advantage or disadvantage of me ! BUT IT IS A FACT THAT IAM NOT A PERSON TO BE CHEATED BY OTHERS SO EASILY, except being emotional !

I joined this office just 11 months back and has given me many good friends (personally as well as blog) and I do not know if I will get any like them in my future ! My previous job was more like an extension of my college days !

I am spending my last working days mailing and chatting with my friends. I am really sad that I could not bug my friends anymore like this ! Some may feel fortunate and some may feel unfortunate too ! It mayl be a bit tough to walk out of the doors for one last time, because this organisation had given me so many things except work in recent times.

It was like everyday when i meet friends i keep telling them that iam moving out of Chennai and the friends whom i meet regularly does do the count down part like me and says "Sumi just 2 days left" and it was then that I realised that I had so many well-wishers than I thought I had !
while on the subject, I read this poem somewhere sometime back and I wanted to unveil my feelings for my friends here. So, I thought i would post it here, which is surely the replica of my mind !
Missing someone is terrible but it is a sweet feeling.

It makes you wondering if u meant anything for him/her, thinking if he/she ever cares about u.
Rushing to the phone once it rings hoping that it's him/her.
Looking out of the window hoping that he/she will surprise u by appearing downstairs.
Sitting in front of the television but thinking of him/her,missing the final episode of your favourite show.
Laying on your bed, thinking of the last time u were out together.
Thinking of how nice it will be to sit under the stars again, talking about everything, your dreams, plans, future.
Logging on to the internet hoping to see him/her online.
When u realise that he/she isn't online and did not return your mail, u will start worrying if he/she is okay.
Missing someone is a way of growing up i guess. It exposes u to loneliness.
It teaches u how to cope with being lonely and let u know that there is actually a feeling known as emptiness.
Sometimes it feels good to miss someone.
U know that u really care and u indulge in the feeling of loving/caring for him/her.
But missing someone and not knowing if he/she is feeling the same is terrible.
U feel as if u are being left alone.
So if u miss someone, tell him/her and let them know.At the same time, ask if they miss u.
Don't let the feeling of missing someone become jealousy or paranoia.
If u are the one being missed and u know it, let the other party know.
If u miss him/her too, tell them. Don't let them wait.
And if the one you are missing can't/doesn't reciprocate,MOVE ON!!
Life is short, so instead of being hurt & waiting around-Move on!!
Believe in Urself & life, there's someone out there waiting to miss U too !!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My pamperings about Chennai !

Suddenly I felt passionate about my city...CHENNAI. This embraced city of mine is always the one i love the most!! The place that taught me the values of life and I value it more than my life! It is wonderful that iam a part of it, I am so proud of it. DO YOU ?????

Now……you may be wondering why is that iam blowing my own trumpet of Chennai !!! But then, this is the right time to tell something good about Chennai, as I will be missing this sweet Chennai within 26 days…..YES…..YES…..i am shifting to Mumbai to join my hubby. He is been there for 8 months all alone and missing Soorya as well me a lot. Despite lots of dilemma, we have decided to go to Mumbai to join my Hubby !

Dears…..I am counting my days ! I really wonder…. how will I leave my Mom, Brother, In-laws, Friends and neighbors. My favorite Chennai too ! The climate here is certainly a pleasant one comparatively to other States!

I’ve been born and brought up in Chennai and it is now 31.9 years old and I am still at Chennai…. even after my married life! Wow…. my Kindergarten, Schooling, Colleging, Working, marrying etc., etc are been in Chennai and it is hard to digest that iam gonna miss my favourite Chennai on May 7th, 2006. Its really painful to say GOOD BYE….but life is like that and it needs a change ! I am content that for one reason that I am again gonna be in Chennai after 2 years or maximum by 3 years, because my hubby is transferred to Mumbai with that guarantee to be posted back in Chennai again. Let’s see and hope for the best !

My personal favorites in Chennai are :

1) The Train jouney
2) The Share auto’s Radio Mirchi (That is the time I watch to radios)
3) Elliots beach @ Besant Nagar & Marina beach
4) Vishranthi - the Hot Spot & Murugan Idli shop @ Besant Nagar
5) Fruit shop on Greams Road at Greams Road & Besant Nagar
6) T.Nagar (Except father and mother u get everything over there)
7) The sea breeze that I enjoy at Marina & Elliots beach
8) Last but not least – MY HOME….THE SWEET HOME…. With a small garden of my favorite choice of plants.

Certainly, I will be missing my friends, the hurry burry walks to catch the train, the suburban train journey, the bus ride, Chennai roads and traffic which I used to course through…..

My ever longing favourite is to catch up the sea breeze that sets in the evening. Man…the pleasant feeling of the breeze in the sea-shore and its the absolute relaxation that I would love to be with always.

I will never ever catch with the monotonous life of Chennai for atleast 2 years. Friends do you know that, I used to get on all the modes of transport to reach my office every day (i.e) by walk (it takes atleast 20 mts if iam very fast) to railway station, then the train journey (starting from Sanatorium to guindy), from guindy again the share auto to Adyar Signal, from Adyar Signal to Besant Nagar through a Bus or Auto and again a walk ! Man….by that time I reach office….iam fully exhausted ! Many a times it is those rudest auto fellows who comes to my rescue from Adyar signal to my office at besant nagar. Though I hate the auto fellows, I love the autos for its gratitude in serving people in emergency!

Only after these great marathons we get into the office and catch up with the work (blogs too in between). Again, the same process in the evenings. But to be sincere, I did enjoy the up and down process by making lots of friends and in particular I have got 3 or 4 close friends whom I used to meet daily. Now a days my walking mode has been reduced to some extent as two of my friends who have got bike has come to my rescue to pick me up on my way! I’ve been impressed very much about their concern on me and certainly I will miss them a lot!

But, trying to convince myself saying that the technology has improved very much and being in any city is as good as Chennai as these days where mobile, email & web chatting have made sure that you never miss out your friends. Yes, I do agree that physical presence is something that cannot be replaced, but still the technology have gone a long way in bringing people together.

Whatever it is, ha…ha…yummy….yummy… no dish on earth would beat the taste of Curd Vadai, Sambar Vadai, Onion Uthappam and the curd rice that is available in Chennai restaurants !

Its true! U wont believe and I’ve never been out of this city, except for Andhra border ! Chennai is always My Home…Sweet Home !

I had given my resignation letter to my boss yesterday and literally felt sad about this and I am sick ! Hmmm… days are counted ! To start with today… is 26 days…25 days…..24 days…….and ends up with no day left on 7th May 2006 ! I will be leaving to Mumbai on 7th may at 8.30 AM on flight with my Hubby & Soorya.

THE HIGHLIGHT OF THIS POST IS TO SAY ‘I MISS U YOU MY BLOG MATES AND WILL MISS UR POSTS AND COMMENTS ON REGULAR BASIS’. But it is definite that I cannot afford to loose this blog world and the dear ones over here. After getting into this blog, I have got many friends and ofcourse 3 or 4 turned to be my best friends !


To name a few of my best friends – It is Kumar Chetan (sweetest among my blog friends), Gangadhar (lovable and caring person), Ashish (the naughtiest fellow on the earth), Srini (good friend), Puneet (who has got a good regards for me), Keshi (the pampering girl by one and all), Balaji (whom I respect the most), Ammu (my so-called dearest sister), Ashok (though I know him very recently) &
Elisa (though she's not in my blogroll, she's very much helpful and caring) will cherish for ever in my mind. Though I may not be regular to your blogs….i will be always thinking about u guys / gals !

I wish you Pals to be cheerful as always u do and Keep Smiling !

Ps. Please remember that all the regular visitors to my blog are someone special to me and i will think of you everday and will be always there in my heart !

Monday, April 03, 2006

An exhilarating experience....

I sat among row upon row of proud parents in the great auditorium, watching the Chief Guest delivering her speech. It was a great pleasure watching those little tiny tots dressed up with Graduation Coat and was made to stand up in rows and I was eagerly searching for Soorya..…. But then came to know that it is only for those UKG students passing out of the Kindergarten and not for the Pre-KG ones.

It gave me immense pleasure to be among so many parents and young ones. I was more excited as this is the very first entertainment occasion I’ve been attending in his school being a mother. Otherwise, I use to attend Parents-Teachers meeting and that used to be always monotonous in the morning sessions and with a hurry burry sort of approach. But, today the little ones had stage performed very well and they looked as fresh as a garden with varieties of Roses! The angels were dressed up like flowers, animals, birds, trees etc.,etc. I really wonder the real flowers may have to beg to these tiny tots for their beauty!

It was a fact of enjoyable movement when I saw my son on stage with his cheerful face glittering – dressed up with black Jeans, White full arm shirt, a black bow, black shoes and Key board hanging in his shoulders with crossed black and white belt. As soon as 5 of his friends arrived on the stage, he was the one found very daring, enthusiastic, with non-stop smiling and hip shaking without any stage fear, when the rest seems to be with mixed emotions without any reaction. I was astonished to see his first stage performance without any fear. My brother took some photographs of him dancing and I was certainly feeling proud about my Son… MY SON…MY LOVELY LITTLE SON…..SO CUTE…SO CHARM… ITS NOW…I COULD HEAR MANY OF THESE PARENTS SAYING, ”THAT GUY SEEMS TO BE VERY SMART”. While carrying him back to the seat…. everyone was saying…Oh…is it your Son…. He did a wonderful performance! I was so thrilled and infact a proud sort of feeling!

As soon as his programme is over, I went to pick him up and all the parents were behaving very madly and were just pushing each other to collect their dear ones. I really wonder how thy parents can be so undisciplined just by pulling others to pick their children. As soon as I saw Soorya…I took over him and gave him a handshake and a kiss too! and said “My dear Soorya Kutti….you’ve done a wonderful dance with a smile and hip shake”. I saw his pair of eyes filled with joy and curiosity and his reaction was like it was an expected applause from me. He said “Mommy I’ve danced very well and done whatever my Miss said”. I said…well done and he too watched the rest of the programme sitting besides us. It was a real worth evening I have ever spent! It was a fantastically, exhilarating experience we had on Saturday!

I had to write to tell you how WONDERFUL, HAPPY and CONTENT that I am with Soorya and the progress that he made at NSN Matriculation School! I wanted him to be a bright kid, good at every subject and at extra-curricular too, especially sketching. Let’s see what is left behind him to come-up. As you probably know, education is the only hope for our country to change its status of developing country into a developed country as what
Chetan says and I want my Son to be the one luckiest!

people will forget what you said ...
people will forget what you did ...
but people will never forget how you made them feel ...

Monday, March 27, 2006

How to reveal ur love ?

Love is revealed to someone we love - in different ways !

My son Soorya do shower his love towards me in different ways !
One among them is this : As what the doggy does with the girl !
(Eventhough i shout at him when he does this, i love to receive his love through this mode ! )

A amuse myself !

Dear's.....something haunting me and I want to amuse myself and find this joke a humourous one and would love to share with u guys ! 4 or 5 blog pals do know about the lingering and will let others know very shortly !

As you are receiving e-mail, it's wise to remember how easily this wonderful technology can be misused, sometimes unintentionally and with serious consequences.....

Consider the case of the Illinois man who left the snow-filled streets ofChicago for a vacation in Florida. His wife was on a business trip and was planning to meet him there the next day. When he reached his hotel, he decided to send his wife a quick e-mail. Unable to find the scrap of paper on which he had written her e-mail address, he did his best to type it in from memory.

Unfortunately, he missed one letter and his note was directed instead to an elderly preacher's wife, whose husband had passed away only the day before. When the grieving widow checked her e-mail, she took onelook at the monitor, let out a piercing scream, and fell to the floor in a dead faint.Hearing the scream, her family rushed into the room and saw this note on thescreen: "Dearest Wife, Just got checked in. Everything prepared for your arrival tomorrow.

P.S. Sure is hot down here!"

Cartoon :

Thursday, March 23, 2006

My Ex-Boss....

I recently got a call from my Ex-boss who has really shared his thoughts with me. It reminded me in a big way that iam worth being approached by him and I knew I would be called again! It is not due to the ego or pride, but the sincerity and the affection I had on my previous job as ‘Sales coordinator”. I am excited, I should say…. I am more excited when he claims that I was performing very well in my work!

He’s very good in analyzing one’s work skill (not b’cos he praised me) and find him rewarding too at the time of “Appraisal”. Apart from being a boss, I find him sentimentally attached towards his colleagues. That’s the main reason people stick on to him… Even when I decided to leave that company….I was much worried about my boss, than my career ! I felt that he should not struggle without me and to my best possible level I had trained the person who has been appointed in my place and ensured that she is comfortable with what I’ve been doing. That is because I know he has been over loaded and highly tensed at that time.

It is a fact that many a times I’ve been bombarded by him, but would definitely end up learning something new from him. Though at times he may be wrong in pinpointing me for the misshapenness, but I do show my retaliation in a gentle manner…. so that he is not hurt or rather careful enough not being bombarded to the core…. Sometimes he behaves in an erratic and confusing manner (says stuff like, "I knew you would fail at that project when I gave it to you") knowingly that we would over perform the job. But after any unfair situation he again comes back to normalcy and makes us feel comfortable too…that’s the biggest advantage he’s got! He’s friendlier always!

I find 4 of them being appointed after I left that company since 10 months back and I find no one to get adjusted with the situation or working atmosphere or whatever it is… May be they’ve not understood my boss as what I did! He’s quite a complicated person to be understood…. but people who know him for years will never feel like leaving him even though he’s been harsh at times for silly things. BTW, I’ve been with him for 9 years and hope that I know him better than any one.

I always find him criticizing my job…but then it shows "leadership qualities." Most of the time, he could never find anything positive to say about my work and when confronted told that type of criticism was "a motivational tool". Of course, he doesn’t say this to me…. but to others ! After all, if a person doesn't know how to do a job, the next best thing is to know how to order someone else to do it. Therein lies the road to management. Here I never mean to say that he doesn’t know the job, but even though if he doesn’t know he had an aptitude to work hard to get to know the things he doesn’t know.

Working for him was enjoyable! It is a fact that whoever leaves him…keeps in touch with him always and wanted to be friendly with him. His main tool to attract others is his talking skills. He is very good in convincing others! I donno about others, but I had a real pleasure working with him and the responsibilities he gave me without any second thought! That proves that iam worth to be his confidential secretary cum co-ordinator.

With hindsight, I think the main problem with the company I left was that its strength was lying in one person to whom spy work is been done by the anti-elements. Since my own niche turned out to be a lot closer to all of the colleagues and customers, which may perhaps made them envy me and probably trying to succeed me to make them best fit.

When I received an job offer as Secretary to CMD from a revival company, I accepted it with confidence, satisfied because I’ve been approached by the company 4/5 times and I thought instead of joining a company which I crave, better to stick on with the company who needs my service. I sincerely thought that I should ensure my skills to make the company grow as well to be an asset of it. In turn, I find I’ve been miscalculated than they originally seemed. Taking the new job was not in fact a noticeable sacrifice of salary, but the benefits, which I lack, that I used to get in my previous job.

I find this quote in some one’s space : "People don't leave bad companies. They leave bad bosses." But it is contrary in my side; I never left a company for it is bad or my boss, but it is due to the timings and of course a backstabbing incidence.

Last but not least, I am here to share that my ex-boss was good enough and I keep telling this even to my colleagues now.
“Telekonnectors” was really a step stone for me and the tenure of 9 years experience with them has helped me a lot to improve my career skills as well as to know the human psychology.